Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Best wishes for 2010!

Wishing you all a lovely old years eve and a happy and healthy 2010! May all your wishes come true!
I will be back with one more post on this blog next year to tell you how to find our new blog.
New year
New chances!

Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Golf lesson

Our neighbour arranged that the girls could have a try out golf lesson at Germanys most beautiful gold club where she and her husband have a membership. So yesterday after school we headed off to St. Leon Rot to check it out and to be honest, the girls loved it, even Hilde, and that was quite unexpected. They allowed the girls to come back next monday. I spent my time with Malte collecting, throwing and kicking golf balls all over the place. We also met Rico. A 14 year old nice young guy and Malte was really fascinated of what he did with the balls. Malte spent a long time watching him and as I was chatting with him I got to know that his handicap was 1,4. wow. Are you sure you said 1,4. Yes he was. I should have asked him for a autograph!

Malte might have thought that he could bring his sisters to the driving range. He hopped on the golf cart and ...

... you could think off they went!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Last weekend we went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. We were lucky as the weather was beautiful warm and sunny. We had a great time and after years being together we managed to by Christmas tree balls on our 11th wedding anniversary. Let the tree come!

Lotte and Hilde right before we went up the old city wall. We had a long walk up there.

Look how high the wall is! Malte had to stay in the backpack as he easily could have slipped onderneath the fence.

Beautiful this wall - and an even more beautiful sight towards the city from high up there.

Walking to the castle garden to get a beautiful view of the skyline of Rothenburg.

Malte wasn´t going very fast and as you might believe he graps every chance to cuddle with his dad as Remco isn´t in that often.

Lotte always asks if we can put Malte in the backpack so she can carry him. For sure we won´t because we don´t want her ending up like a bug on his bag (not thinking of what Malte might feel then!).

Another little one who loves to cuddle her dad.

In any case it was worth going to that castle park. The view on the city, its towers, the view around the Taubertal - amazing.

Some buildings in the city. All beautiful restaurated, clean - just gorgeous!

Lotte and Hilde wanted to get a picture with that big Steiff bear.

The building on the right is part of the city hall.

The building where the tourist information was located.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....

Didn´t wanted to buy that card so I decided to get a picture. Rothenburg is actually quite a small place.

This little lady always wants to get on the picture.

Remco thought (while sitting on the carriage) that HE could take a picture of the tower. He could; it only looks like a bit like the Leaning tower of Pisa!

Our two horses. On the left side you see Seppi, on the right side you see Aki. The girls insisted on getting on a carriage and so we did.

Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

Funny Hat

I went to the Oktoberfest in Münich and the big thing was to get a funny hat - beer was only second thing......
Had a great day - lots of fun - lots of beer - and got my hat - love Münich!

Bram & Elly

Last weekend Bram and Elly visited this area with their camper. The camping they stayed was called Walldorf Astoria. Believe me, the camping was more in Walldorf then looking like any Astoria! We had some beautiful, sunny days and visited Heidelberg and Speyer together.

Malte. He wasn´t really interested in the Heidelberg castle, he was more interested in all the little rocks up there.

From the castle you could see the stage where André Rieu was giving his classic concert that night. While walking down from the castle we already heard somebody singing and lucky as we were, they were rehearsing for the concert that night.

There he was, the master himself.

Watching the rehearse. They all look really interested, don´t they?

Downtown Heidelberg.

Walking throught the old city. Bram acutally loves to photograph, that´s the reason why you see me in some of the picutres!

Sunday we went to Speyer. Hilde decided that she wanted to take a picture of Elly and me and the one above was her first trial.
Checking her first picture. She wasn´t satisfied that´s why she took another one.
This is her second one. The improved on the detail, didn´t she?

This is the scenery how Bram saw it.

This is Bram taking the picture above.
They will be home tomorrow, I hope that they had some more lovely, warm and sunny days in Germany.

Donnerstag, 17. September 2009


First thing we had to do when we arrived in Strasbourg was getting "deux pain au chocolat". Mum what did you say? I ordered two chocolate croissants. Yummie. And the good thing about it is: they taste much better than here.

The kids just were eating their croissants when we arrived at the cathedral. Unbelievable big and beautiful.

All those little details they made long time ago - incredible!

As there was a service going on we just had a short moment inside as we did not wanted to disturb with our little ones.

Something fascinating about France is: it doesn´t matter where you go, there is always a merry-go-round. Don´t ask me why.

And the one in Strasbourg was a beautiful two floor high one.

Lotte went upstairs,

Hilde chose - I actually don´t know what it was but in any case they had a lovely time.

Part of the old city called "Petite France".

Right from the bridge we could watch how a boat was getting up in a lock. Even later it was our boat being in that lock - the kids were fascinated.

A picture of the cathedral while being on our boat trip. We got beautiful views of Strasbourg while being on the boat and Malte was having his nap and that made it really easy.

Lotte was sitting there for 1 1/4 hours, listenting carefully to what was told. There was a special children programm for the tour.

Hilde enjoyed sitting on Remcos laps for a long time. She grabbed her chance as Malte was sleeping...

The European Parliament.

Again the impressing cathedral of Strasbourg.

This city is absolutely worth a visit!

Last thing we did before we had to get back to the car was getting on the platform of the cathedral. We could see a lot of buildings we saw before while being on the boat. Lotte recognized a lot of them - yeap, she is getting old and interested - love it!

Montag, 7. September 2009

Opel Zoo

Last saturday we went to Frankfurt to get some shoppings done and afterwards we visited the Opel Zoo. The zoo we went often while living in the Frankfurt area.

Amazing, Hilde on the car! Right here at the Opel Zoo she broke her arm two years ago. We haven been back quite often but she never wanted to get back on them. Here two pictures dated July 2007

This is how the ride ended in july 07.

Lotte, our expeirenced driver.

Malte in a little chairoplane. As you can see, he loved it. The trouble always starts if you need to get Malte off the cars or out of the chairoplane. If he loves something you actually should not try to make a change.

The camel ride. That´s one of the reasons why the kids love this zoo.

Coming back from the little trip.

Sweetie, that was the camels name.

The only shot of Malte on the pony. As soon as pony left - or lets say started walking - he started crying. We did not finish the tour.

Feeding the elephant.

Feeding the deer with the chestnuts the girls collected at Schlosspark in Schwetzingen some days ago.

As always. Please take a seat.

It is very hard to get three kids looking in the same direction!